Exchange activities

Schools Exchange
Since the early days of the Canberra Nara Sister City relationship, one of the strongest links has been through regular educational exchanges. Many ‘schools have 'twinned’ and a range of teachers have benefited from international teacher exchange programs with Nara.

Nara University High School students visit Canberra regularly and enjoy performing at the Canberra Nara Candle Festival. Pictured below are a group of students at the Candle Festival in October 2007.

Nara School Children

Musical Exchange
The ACT Senior Concert Band, pictured below, perform regularly in Nara. The Band is administered through the ACT Instrumental Music Program. There is a history of exchange with Ichijo Senior High School, Nara which dates back to 1988. Musical exchanges provide students the opportunity for enrichment through music and as well as cultural exchange.

Canberra Band Performs in Nara

More information about the Instrumental Music Program external link

Sporting Exchange
Sport has an important place in the ongoing relationship between Canberra and Nara, in particular football, softball, martial arts and basketball. Many Canberra teams have ongoing sporting exchanges with Nara.

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Community Ties
The twinning of the Canberra Burley Griffin Rotary Club with the Nara Heijo Rotary Club on 15 September 1994 aimed to promote enhanced commercial and cultural ties between Canberra and Nara.

Groups such as the Australia-Japan Society (ACT) also promote the benefits understanding and interaction between people of different cultures.

Teacher Exchange
The International Education Unit of the ACT Department of Education administer a teacher exchange program with the Ministry of Education in the Nara Municipal Government. The program, known as the Canberra Nara Sister City Exchange, provides a one year teaching residency in Nara for ACT teachers who are native English speakers. For more information, contact the International Education Unit TEL: 02 6205 6764.

Government Personnel Exchange
In 1998 the ACT Chief Minister's Department partnered with the Nara Municipal Government to offer personnel opportunities to participate in a skills exchange program. Through the program, an officer from one government is nominated for work placement in the other government. Although the program is currently inactive, it has in the past facilitated closer ties between the two governments and afforded substantial skills development for individual officers.

The following schools in Canberra have in the past established sister school relationships with schools in Nara:

Kaleen High School - Nara University High School (2008)

St Monica's Primary School --Tezukayama Primary School (2006)

Gordon Primary School --- Tokiwa Kindergarten

Ainslie Primary School --- Tsubai Primary School

Telopea Park --- Heijo Higashi High School

Calwell High School --- Heijo/Nishi

Campbell Primary School --- Tomio Minami Primary School

Campbell High School --- Chouku High School

Forrest School --- Meiiji Primary School

Kambah High School --- Takamodo High School

Farrer Primary School --- Seibi Primary School

Stromlo High School --- Ichijo Junior High School

Canberra Girls Grammar --- Ichijo Senior High School

More information about ACT schools external link

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