A Forest of Yoshino Cherry Trees for Canberra's Arboretum

A cherry tree was planted 29 July 2008 to mark the 15th anniversary of Canberra’s sister city relationship with Nara. The iconic Yoshino cherry tree, which is a well known a symbol of Japan, was planted by Japan’s ambassador to Australia, Mr Takaaki Kojima, and Chief Minister Mr Jon Stanhope MLA. The tree is one of a forest of 320 Yoshino cherry trees established at the Canberra International Arboretum and Gardens.

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ACT Senior Concert Band Concert Tour to Nara

The ACT Senior Concert Band visited Nara in September- October 2008. The Band's public concert at the Nara Centennial Hall was well received, as were concerts at Ichijo High School, Nara Universtiy High School and Saho Primary School.

Participating students are enriched through music and cultural exchange and many enduring friendships are borne of musical exchanges such as these. Concerts have marked 5th,10th and 15th anniversaries of the Sister City relationship.