The 'Friends of Nara' is a network of Canberra citizens who are, or wish to be, involved in sister-city activities and exchanges.

There are a few ways of getting involved as a friend of Nara. These include:

· Volunteering at the Canberra Nara Candle Festival

· Participating in citizens' delegations travelling to Nara

· Participating in social events arranged for Nara citizens' delegations when they visit Canberra

· Fostering one-to-one relationships between schools and clubs in the ACT and Nara

The Canberra Nara Shimbun is a quarterly newsletter that features items about friendly relations between Canberra and Nara. More information about the Canberra Nara Shimbun

To register your interest in promoting international friendships through the Canberra-Nara Sister City relationship, email

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Thousand Cranes Peace Network external link