Community-centred services - Government services that are designed, developed and tested with the community in mind. Services that are truly digital but that leave no-one behind.

Community-centred services

Our vision is that access to ACT Government services is so easy it just happens, often without you needing to do anything to initiate the interaction.


The ACT Government is ambitious in what it wants to achieve for you and the ACT community by optimising digital and smart technologies. Our vision is that access to ACT Government services is so easy it just happens, often without you needing to do anything to initiate the interaction. We will do this in a similar way that good commercial services are provided. This can happen because we know you, through the services you have used before and by providing you the ability to keep information about you and your circumstances up to date. We will provide digital services that are centred on your needs and that are truly digital in that they deliver real value and convenience, well beyond forms online.

Although the ACT continues to score at the top of the Australian Digital Inclusion Index, we recognise that not all people in our community get equal benefit from advances in digital technology. By changing the way we think about designing and delivering services with the community in mind, we can work towards making Canberra a much more digitally inclusive city.

What we will do

Bringing the perspective of the community to the centre of our thinking means that we:

  • will deliver services that save people, and businesses, time.
  • will co-design and test the services we create and change, with you as our community, and with experts in the relevant field.
  • will continue to ensure that the most vulnerable members of the community, particularly those who experience discrimination based on age, disability, race, sex, intersex status, gender identity or sexual orientation, are provided every opportunity to access digital services and information.
  • want to see the community readily adopt our digital channel because it’s easy to find and get what they need.
  • will continue to reduce regulatory red tape while improving the integrity of our regulatory functions. We want to make it easy for you while at the same time increasing confidence that we have the right checks and balances in place.
  • will support students with equitable access to technology so that they can learn to be confident, competent and safe digital citizens.
  • understand that not all government services can or should be provided in a digital way and will continue to provide customer service through our Access Canberra Service Centres and Contact Centre, continuing to provide Canberrans options to speak to us in person if they choose.
  • will work together with our community sector organisations to identify and deliver services that meet the needs of all Canberrans.

Current initiatives

These are some initiatives that we are working on that illustrates how we are implementing community-centred services. More projects and greater details can be found in the Initiatives.

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A digital health record for the ACT

Work has commenced to implement a Digital Health Record that will be a single point of reference for a patient’s clinical record and replaces disparate electronic and paper-based systems.


Choice-based letting for public housing

Choice-based letting in public housing will provide options for people to select properties more suitable for their accommodation needs as their circumstances change.


Connecting school communities

The School Administration System provides enhanced capability to support schools in areas such as student information, incident management and academic reporting.


Digital education

The ACT Government recognises the importance of equipping ACT public school students with access to digital tools to support diverse learning needs, provide digital equity and to empower them to be confident leaders of the future.


Integrated courts management system

The ACT Courts and Tribunal will utilise a new solution known as the Integrated Courts Management System (ICMS) to provide online services.

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Integrated ticketing

A new ticketing system is being designed to provide Canberra’s public transport users with convenient and flexible payment methods and real-time travel information.


Jury management system

The ACT Courts and Tribunal will deliver a new electronic solution to improve the management of juror selection and related processes, including the ability for community members to engage in these processes online.

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Managing requests from the community

Improving our response to requests from the community involves delivering seamless connections. We are doing this using cloud-based, digital platforms to provide a ‘no wrong door’ experience.


Moving delivery of more community services online (ACT Digital)

This program is based on the principle that you should only have to prove who you are to government once and be able to access all services relevant to you.

Looking ahead - possible future initiatives

Birth of a child


The ACT Government, with QLD and NSW governments, Services Australia, and the Digital Transformation Agency have begun collaborating with a view to remove the burden of form filling by re-using information that governments already hold and establish an identity for a newborn child that all governments can rely on.

Currently, when a baby is born new parents need to register the birth with Births, Deaths and Marriages and obtain a birth certificate, enrol in Medicare and other relevant social services. This can require parents to provide the same information to multiple agencies at both state and federal government levels.

This initiative aims to collect information from parents once and automate the registration and enrolment processes as much as possible, creating simplified processes and better experience for people at a big moment in their lives.

Birth of a Child is now an initiative of the Australian Data and Digital Council.

Moving delivery of more community services online (ACT Digital)


In future years the ACT Digital program could deliver improvements such as the ability to: