Chief Minister's message

Andrew Barr

Canberra is a unique city, with a high quality of life that most cities aspire to.

It’s a great place to raise children. To start a business. To take advantage of world class cultural institutions and enjoy the great outdoors. As we enter a new decade it’s time to look at new and innovative ways to make a great place even better.

The ACT Government wants to support a more connected Canberra, taking advantage of advances in technology and data to make life better for Canberrans and the businesses that employ them.

The ACT Digital Strategy is not just about the technology. It doesn’t dictate the bits and the bytes. It’s about how we use technology to further improve the quality of life for all Canberrans. It sets out a plan of action and makes a range of commitments to the ACT community based on the following timeless principles:

The ACT Government is positioning technology at the heart of our decision making, and using it to drive better outcomes for our community. Good, design and implementation can achieve better service delivery for people, use information more effectively and free up our staff to focus on identifying and servicing those in our community most in need.