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3D Canberra planning tool

The digital model allows for ‘on-the-fly’ 3D testing and visualisation of different planning and development scenarios.

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A digital health record for the ACT

Work has commenced to implement a Digital Health Record that will be a single point of reference for a patient’s clinical record and replaces disparate electronic and paper-based systems.


Building the workforce of the future

We work with industry and education providers to understand the skills required in the future and establish courses and initiatives that provide industry-ready graduates in Canberra.


Canberra - a hub for trialling new ideas

Canberra is building a reputation as a place with highly educated and technology savvy citizens with a progressive government and is a good place to trial new technologies.

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Child and youth record information system

Establishing connections across key parts of government to share safety, risk and case management information will improve client management and lead to better outcomes.


Choice-based letting for public housing

Choice-based letting in public housing will provide options for people to select properties more suitable for their accommodation needs as their circumstances change.


Community hubs

Canberra has nine public libraries and the ACT Heritage Library across the city which offer much more than the opportunity to borrow books. They provide you with free access to the internet, WiFi and devices to connect with others and the rest of the world.


Connecting school communities

The School Administration System provides enhanced capability to support schools in areas such as student information, incident management and academic reporting.


Digital education

The ACT Government recognises the importance of equipping ACT public school students with access to digital tools to support diverse learning needs, provide digital equity and to empower them to be confident leaders of the future.


Family safety

Our family safety initiatives aim to improve how families with lived experiences of domestic and family violence are supported using better data collection and automation of reporting.


Human resource information management solution

We will deliver an ICT solution that optimises payroll service integration with effective people management. This will increase efficiency, improve service delivery and allow us to take a strategic approach to managing our people.


Integrated courts management system

The ACT Courts and Tribunal will utilise a new solution known as the Integrated Courts Management System (ICMS) to provide online services.

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Integrated ticketing

A new ticketing system is being designed to provide Canberra’s public transport users with convenient and flexible payment methods and real-time travel information.


Jury management system

The ACT Courts and Tribunal will deliver a new electronic solution to improve the management of juror selection and related processes, including the ability for community members to engage in these processes online.

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Managing requests from the community

Improving our response to requests from the community involves delivering seamless connections. We are doing this using cloud-based, digital platforms to provide a ‘no wrong door’ experience.


Moving delivery of more community services online (ACT Digital)

This program is based on the principle that you should only have to prove who you are to government once and be able to access all services relevant to you.


Place intelligence dashboard

The Place Intelligence Dashboard is a real-time place analytics and automated reporting platform aligned with 17 place-performance indicators within the City Renewal Precinct of Dickson, Northbourne Avenue, Haig Park, Civic and West Basin.


Priority Investment Program

The Priority Investment Program was established in 2018-19 and facilitates collaboration between the ACT Government, industry, research and the tertiary sectors to attract investment and grow both established and emerging priority sectors of Canberra’s economy.


Proactive waterways management

This initiative seeks to improve the health of ACT waterways by integrating data from multiple sources and sensors including rainfall, stream flow and water quality.


Specialist Intelligence Gathering (SIG) Helicopter

This initiative will seek to enhance the data analysis to better inform the ESA and other stakeholders of future threats and how best to respond.


Transport Canberra journey planner

An integrated journey planner that provides an intuitive interface to help you plan your journey using multiple transport options (bus, walk, ride, drive).


Triple zero to emergency

This initiative improves patient care and resource management by combining Ambulance and hospital Emergency Department data to give a complete picture of patient journeys from the initial Triple Zero call to arrival in the Emergency Department.


Unified geospatial ecosystem

ACT Government are building an enterprise-wide geospatial platform providing a single user interface and storage repository for all authoritative ACT Government location information.

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Wellbeing framework

The ACT Government is developing a wellbeing framework to monitor progress across a broad range of areas that reflect the values of Canberrans and influence our quality of life.

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YourSay community panel

The YourSay Community Panel has made it easy for you to have your say and help shape Canberra’s future. Joining this online panel gives you another way to share your views on a wide range of topics and informs our decision-making.