This Strategy

This strategy is articulated as a set of overarching principles that will provide a foundation for all activity associated with technology and digital transformation. The principles are intended to provide practical guidance that will assist practitioners and decision‑makers alike without inflicting a set of “rules” which may generate red tape and compliance activity.


This presents our strategic principles in a three dimensional perspective.

the Digital

focuses on how the ACT Government will support the growth of local business in the digital economy. The government plays a role as both a customer and sponsor of local businesses, institutions and non‑profit organisations. Government directorates, with their resources and reach, are significant players in the local economy.

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Digital Services

focuses on how the Government will deliver Digital services to citizens, community groups and businesses. The nature and content of the services themselves are of course embedded in the individual directorates’ business strategy. But the principles in this document speak to the approach and delivery of those services.

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Building Digital Foundations

recognises the core capabilities on which Digital services are built. These are the principles for the engine room of our technology delivery capability. Often unseen, but critically important to support the customer delivery relationship.

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