Office of the Chief Digital Officer

About us

The Office of the Chief Digital Officer (OCDO) drives the ACT’s digital agenda and leads the whole of government strategic direction for ICT.

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is responsible for Digital and Data Strategy, including Cyber Security. The CDO reports directly to the Director-General and Head of Service of the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate and works with the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) Strategic Board to ensure whole of government approaches and solutions.

The OCDO ensures government ICT and digital priorities and initiatives align across the ACT Government. It is responsible for:

  • guiding the future direction of ACT Government business operations, including service delivery to the ACT community.
  • strategic direction, policy, and standards for whole of government ICT.
  • improving whole of government ICT investment management, including providing advice to government.
  • integrating ACT Government services to make it more convenient for citizens and businesses to connect and do business with government.
  • driving data use to inform evidence-based decision making, leading to delivering better services for citizens, and building a sustainable data capability in the ACTPS.
  • research and analysis to support strategic policy advice on current and emerging ICT and digital policy issues and initiatives; and
  • shaping and sponsoring the development of digital capability at a whole of government level.

The OCDO also leads the ACT Data Analytics Centre and the ACT Digital Program.

Data is a valuable asset in the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) – second only to our people. We value the data we capture, protect, share, and use on behalf of our community. We use data to develop better services for the community and manage it in a way that protects privacy. The ACTPS is using data and digital capabilities to drive economic recovery and improve the wellbeing of all Canberrans.

Bettina Konti, Chief Digital Officer, ACT Government


ACT Data and Analytics Centre

The ACT Data Analytics Centre (ACTDAC) improves how we use and share data across government to shape policy, improve customer experience, increase decision quality and speed and deliver better outcomes for our community. It delivers data projects, enables data sharing, releases government data to the community through open data and provides a range of data support services.

ACTDAC supports the implementation of the ACT Data Governance and Management Framework to drive stronger, more consistent, and more transparent data practices across the ACTPS. The framework consists of:

Technology is essential to support good data practices. ACTDAC manages and maintains the ACT Data Lake,a whole of ACT Government data analytics platform. The Data Lake is a safe and secure central platform which stores data safely and securely, enabling better sharing and use of data across government. It enables ACTPS staff to acquire, organise, explore, and analyse data to understand how effective their work is in delivering better outcomes for our community.

ACTDAC also supports community and business engagement with government data through the ACT Open Data Policy (2015), and the associated open data portal at Open data is publicly available data that can be freely used, reused, and redistributed by anyone, supporting economic growth and improved service delivery and policy design. ACTDAC provides technical expertise to enable safe and secure release of public data.

Digital Services

The ACT Digital Account allows the community to access digital services, with functions such as digital identity and verification, payments, a sophisticated customer experience, push notifications and integration.

The ACT Digital Program is based on the principle that you should only have to prove who you are to government once to access all services relevant to you. Our vision is for access to ACT Government services to be simple and automatic. We are doing this by:

  1. Designing community-centred services in partnership with community members and across government
  2. Building the foundational digital service capabilities to enable “tell us once” and harness digital identity to offer customised and personalised services
  3. Enabling our people to deliver integrated services that help realise our “One Government” ethos and ultimately contribute to a connected, integrated, and progressive Canberra

Find out more about the ACT Digital Account and its services or download the mobile app, available in iOS and Android.