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In November 2020 the Office of the Chief Digital Officer and Shared Services ICT teams were brought together into one Group under Chief Digital Officer, Bettina Konti. This merger aims to achieve better integration of digital strategy, operations, services and delivery to ensure that ACT is best positioned to leverage the rapid changes in technology and data.

The Digital, Data and Technology Solutions (DDTS) Group, led by the Chief Digital Officer, has responsibility to drive the ACT’s digital agenda, lead the whole of government strategic direction for ICT including cyber security, provision of technical, tactical and transactional support for whole of government ICT, including ACT Government schools and the Canberra Institute of Technology.

The Group ensures alignment of government ICT and digital priorities, innovation and initiatives across the ACT Government. The Group will:

  • guide the future direction of ACT Government business operations, including service delivery to the ACT community;
  • lead strategic direction, policy and standards for whole of government ICT and cyber;
  • improve whole of government ICT investment management;
  • integrate ACT Government services to make it more convenient for citizens and businesses to connect and do business with the government;
  • drive the use of data to inform evidence-based decision making, leading to delivery of better services for citizens, and building a sustainable data capability in the ACTPS;
  • deliver end user services for all ACT Government directorates and agencies;
  • manage and maintain several whole of government business systems, and to maintain technology infrastructure, including cloud provision, data centres and an extensive optical-fibre voice and data network backed with high quality server and desktop support;
  • provide responsive ICT project management, agile application development and teams of staff co-located with directorates;
  • undertake research and analysis to support strategic policy advice on current and emerging ICT and digital policy issues and initiatives; and
  • shape and sponsor the development of digital capability at a whole of government level.

DDTS encompasses the following branches:

ACT Data Analytics Centre (ACTDAC),  which supports directorates to improve utilisation and sharing of data across government to shape policy, increase decision quality and timeliness, improve customer experience and deliver better outcomes for our community. The branch supports improved data governance and management practice, owns and manages the ACT Data Lake and open data portal, enables the safe and trusted release of government data assets, and provides a range of data support services.

ACTDAC supports the implementation of the ACT Data Governance and Management Framework to drive stronger, more consistent, and more transparent data practices across the ACTPS. The framework consists of:

ACT Digital Program, which is responsible for driving the ACT’s digital service delivery agenda to make it easier and more convenient for citizens and businesses to connect and do business with government. ACT Digital supports the successful implementation of a series of transformation projects across the ACT government. These projects are complete projects in that they traverse the people, process, place and technology aspects of change.

Find out more about the ACT Digital Account and its services or download the mobile app, available in iOS and Android.

Customer Engagement Services Branch, which provides a diverse range of ICT services to the ACT Public Service including:

  • The ICT Service Desk
  • Embedded ICT teams that provide contextual support and advice to directorates
  • Asset (computers, monitors, keyboards, etc.) and service lifecycle management
  • Problem, change and incident management
  • The Technology website.

Design and Strategy Branch, which provides strategic guidance of technology and data investment, and is responsible for development and maintenance of whole of government technology roadmap architecture and design practice, including principles, standards and methods.

Strategic Business Branch, which provides professional business change services that enable the ACT Government to deliver quality outcomes for the Territory. The branch is focused on ICT program and project delivery and also provides a range of services including ICT procurement and contract management, governance, change management, business improvement, and strategic finance. The projects and services managed by Strategic Business Branch provide direct benefits to the ACT community by improving the ICT capability of government services.

Technology Services Branch, which delivers a diverse and cohesive range of customer focused and technically efficient products, support and core technology solutions that underpin service delivery across the ACT Government. This includes identifying and delivering key strategic technology investment priorities including the adoption of consumption-based service models, device and location independence and cyber-resilience.

Data is a valuable asset in the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) – second only to our people. We value the data we capture, protect, share, and use on behalf of our community. We use data to develop better services for the community and manage it in a way that protects privacy. The ACTPS is using data and digital capabilities to drive economic recovery and improve the wellbeing of all Canberrans.



Bettina Konti, Chief Digital Officer, ACT Government

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.