Office of the Chief Digital Officer

The Office of the Chief Digital Officer (OCDO) drives the ACT's digital agenda and lead the whole of government strategic direction for ICT.

What is Digital? And what does the Chief Digital Officer do?

“Digital” is a term that has captured people’s imagination on a global scale. It simply resonates with an intuitive understanding that something has changed. Digital describes a new way of doing things. Deliberately challenging and disruptive of conventional practice, it is the use of technology to effect radical change. It is about innovation, creating value, ‘in real time’, removing unnecessary costs and activities. It places high value on the creation and use of data. But more than anything - and more than ever before, it places the customer at the centre of its vision.

Established in 2015, The Office of the Chief Digital Officer is responsible for driving the ACT’s digital agenda and leading the whole of government strategic direction for ICT. The OCDO reports directly to the Director-General of CMTEDD and Head of Service and works with the ACTPS Strategic Board (comprising all Directors-General) to ensure whole of government solutions.

The OCDO ensures alignment of government ICT and digital priorities and initiatives across the ACT Government. It has responsibility for:

In addition, the OCDO provides oversight for two key programs.

ACT Digital Account

This program is based on the principle that you should only have to prove who you are to government once and be able to access all services relevant to you. Four pilot services have been delivered so far including:

The ACT Digital Program, funded in the 2019/20 Budget, will change the way people apply for Working With Vulnerable People registrations (WWVP), and services, and comply with the changing screening requirements of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

By the end of 2019 there were 14,000 people who had registered for a Digital Account, increasing by an average of 30 people per day.

ACT Data Analytics Centre (ACTDAC)

Founded in 2018, ACTDAC supports the ACT Public Service to be more productive and achieve great things every day, fostering a data- and digital-first mindset, delivering data analytics projects, and enabling safe and trusted sharing and public release of government data assets through improved data governance and management practice. We Influence people to be more curious, creative, confident, collaborative and courageous by using contemporary data and digital tools and approaches.