Canberra Data Centres Proprietary Limited

Canberra Data Centres Proprietary Limited

Canberra Data Centres (CDC) is the largest provider of data centre services to the Australian Government. CDC operates data centres over two campus sites both in the Australian Capital Territory. The ecosystem has proved particularly attractive for those suppliers who wish to provide services to government agencies. There is a unique macro environment in the nation’s capital and the significant benefits; risk, financial and operational compared to owned data centres or competitive state based capital city locations. One of CDC’s competitive advantages is the world-class efficiency and the dynamic, ultra high density capability.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Data Centre Design and Construction Services

Cyber security capabilities

Unique data centre design allows for Secure Operations Centres, Secure Office Areas and Secure ICT equipment housing within up to a Zone 5 capable area. Cyber security capabilities with IP centred around the Data Centre and Network foundational components.

Unique selling points

Secure, modular and future proof data centre services designed for government and defence with a unique ecosystem that allows for interconnection and high performance at low cost.