Castlepoint Systems

Castlepoint Systems

Castlepoint is a single solution to manage all of the information in an organisation. It registers every record in every business system, and uses Artificial Intelligence to classify it against rules and regulations (including Records Authorities), and apply appropriate lifecycle controls. It acts as a single pane of glass to find, relate, manage, secure, control and audit every record in the network, no matter what system it is stored in, and it does this without any impact on existing systems or the user base, and without complex rules engines.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Our company has been working with Defence, including the Chief Information Officer Group, Defence Security and Vetting Service, AGSVA, and other corporate business areas, since 2008. We have provided effective and comprehensive architecture, design and integration, data analysis and compliance, and information security services to the organisation, as well as high quality project management, audit, policy writing and training services.

Cyber security capabilities

Our personnel are security cleared and certified, including as Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) and EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). We have over ten years' experience working with the Department of Defence, in information systems security audit, certification, vulnerability management, incident management and security architecture. The Castlepoint product is used by multiple large organisations, including government, critical infrastructure and aerospace, to achieve command and control of sensitive and classified data.

Unique selling points

Castlepoint provides true in-place, continuum management of every record in any system. This means records-managers can spend their time on discretionary decision making and strategy, rather than on trying to sentence individual items themselves. Castlepoint provides information security control by identifying which records can and should be disposed of, so that high-risk data can be removed from the environment, reducing the impact of breaches. Castlepoint alerts when events happen that should trigger a security action, such as an HR record appearing in a public drive. In this way, Castlepoint also reduces the likelihood of a breach or spill. Finally, Castlepoint provides powerful discovery capability, significantly reducing the cost of compliance and improving the quality and defensibility of business decisions.