Clearz Pty Ltd

Clearz Pty Ltd

Clearz has been delivering information services since 2004 in a collaborative relationship with the Royal Australian Navy. Over this period Clearz has developed a comprehensive understanding of Navy’s business operations, processes and people with regards to readiness, compliance and reporting. Navy’s investment to date in outcomes delivered by Clearz has helped align it to the Defence EIM strategy, while concurrently building an information asset to drive present and future evidence based decision-making.

Our portfolio of systems spans scheduling, auditing, costing, personnel and readiness measurement that are deployed across the fixed and deployed environments. Clearz develop, maintain, support and provide training for the applications they have developed for Defence.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Clearz has a demonstrated track record of performance in providing innovative, business driven information services in direct support of developing Defence and in particular, Navy’s information capability.

Since 2004, Clearz has demonstrated its technical and managerial capability to:

  • Design, maintain, and continuously improve a suite of capability management applications for both onshore and offshore environments;
  • Provide technical advice, architecture and design assistance to support the development of solutions to meet IM needs;
  • Provide support services.

Clearz approach to performing software development, maintenance and support services has supported Navy to mature its information capability and won awards for Defence.

Unique selling points

  • Highly experienced Defence specific local SME.
  • Proven capabiltiy and track record in the DOD.
  • Intellectual property retained by the Australian Government.
  • Capability to implement new systems into Defence environments in short timeframes.
  • Innovative and collaborative Company culture.
  • Agile, customer focused product development.
  • Winners of Australian innovation award.