Defcon Technologies Group

Defcon Technologies Group

Since 1998, Defcon Technologies has provided the Australian government with products based on 'emerging technologies' developed primarily for defence and aerospace, security and law enforcement.

We cultivate close working partnerships with innovative manufacturers who are world leaders in their fields of expertise. We adopt, evaluate, enhance and support world-class products that have been field-tested and combat proven during military and law enforcement operations around the world. We have grown with our customers as they have expanded their operations by enhancing their capabilities.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

As a prime Defence vendor the company is committed to providing customer-focused outcomes across a diverse range of products including: Tactical Radio and Audio Communications, Combat Hearing Protection, Night Vision Goggles, Wearable Battery and Power Technology, Ruggedised Video Camera Systems, GPS Retransmission Products, NVG Simulation and Training, LED/NVIS/IR Lighting, Antennas and Antenna Masts. Defcon Technologies maintains expertise in the key areas of evaluation, applications advice, product enhancement, delivery, training, documentation and after-sales support.

Cyber security capabilities

Defcon Technologies has access to some of the world’s most innovative Cyber Forensics software and hardware for high-end surveillance, investigations and evidence collection of criminal and terrorist activity.

Unique selling points

Selling proposition: Prime vendor of internationally recognised world leading tecnologies tailored for the user-specific needs and adopted by NATO countries.

Value proposition: Evaluation – Application – Enhancement – Delivery Training – and After-sales Support.