Delv Pty Ltd

Delv Pty Ltd

Delv is a dynamic, innovative Canberra based company that specialises in creating and managing mobile workforces. Delv provides consulting, infrastructure design, implementation and management (Level 2/3 support) as well as direct user level 1 support - ensuring your mobile workforce remains secure, connected and productive. Delv also runs an innovative research and development team who are exploring new technologies such as internet of things and ways to leverage the vast capabilities of modern mobile devices.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Delv has the capability to respond to Defence needs in relation to internal security as well as across Defence's mobile workforce.

Cyber security capabilities

Delv resources have a range of skills associated with cyber security - particularly around mobile end points and mobility related infrastructure. Delv also represents a number of innovative new cyber security products, including the use of behavioural analytics to detect and manage the growing focus on internal threats (such as fraud and data theft).

Unique selling points

Delv provides solid and proven consulting, professional and managed services. These services are designed to ensure your mobile workforce remain connected and productive. Delv also has a unique innovation or research development arm that keeps us and our clients on top of the fast moving mobility and IoT market. Delv maintains an innovation lab in Canberra and embrace User Centred Design and Agile concepts in delivering innovative solutiosn tailored to specific client needs.