Design Managers Australia Pty Limited

Design Managers Australia Pty Limited

Established in 2003, DMA is an award winning service design agency made up of Co-Principals Justin Barrie and Mel Edwards, who are long time leaders in public sector service design. DMA delivers design services for strategy and operational areas including from executive and governance planning, development of Service Specifications for product and service delivery through to internal service design Roadmaps.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Our key Business Services are: Strategic business leadership and vision; Service design; Project Delivery Facilitation and collaboration; Research, analysis and synthesis; Communication and information design; and Creativity and innovation.

Unique selling points

DMA is one of Australia’s leading service design agencies. Service design and user-focused design are increasingly seen as disciplines that can deliver higher value project otucomes in complex systems like Defence – DMA specialises in this innovation delivery.