GCPD Precision Developments Pty Ltd

Headquartered in Canberra
Hume ACT 2620

GCPD Precision Developments Pty Ltd

GCPD Arms manufactures precision rifles for military and police tactical clients, using 21st century technology and design concepts. At the heart of every GCPD firearm is our world class modular chassis assembly that enables us to build extremely rigid, lightweight and accurate rifles. Our motto is "Overmatch without Overburden". If required, we also provide professional long range marksman training in the use of our products - delivered by former ADF snipers. We also offer a design bureau and contract manufacturing service to take any product from concept to final production. Chose GCPD Arms for tailored solutions to your military and police tactical requirements. GCPD ARMS – FOR THE ULTIMATE IN PRECISION!

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Small arms research, design, development and manufacturing.

Unique selling points

Leading edge mechanical and industrial design skills; 100 years of combined experience in firearms use and design; 40 years of combined high end experience in mechanical and industrial design; strong skills and experience in precision machining; flexibility and adaptability; well regarded for our level of innovation; strong commitment to our clients.