General Dynamics Mediaware

General Dynamics Mediaware

With a proven track record of creating industry-leading compressed digital imagery solutions, General Dynamics Mediaware is recognised as an expert in MPEG-2, H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC video technologies. Our world-class technical engineering expertise contributes to the design and production of state-of-the-art video processing software with standards compliant metadata management.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Mediaware's software products have been sold into the US Intelligence Community for 17 years. Our products are also in service with the US Military, the Colombian military and the Mexican Military. Within the ADF, our PED software is in service with Army and Navy, allowing them to maximise their TUAS capability.

Unique selling points

General Dynamics Mediaware develops best of breed software for the processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) of ISR video collected by airborne and ground-based motion imagery sensors. Mediaware’s award-winning mission intelligence and data management products support commanders’ decision making, support manoeuvre forces, and support the targeting cycle. Our STANAG 4609/NGA MISP compliant products can be accredited and installed across any military, law enforcement or commercial organisation with a need to exploit motion imagery from ISR platforms, and to manage massive amounts of ISR data. Mediaware’s professional team are experienced in supporting ISR systems deployed operationally around the world.