Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd

Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd

Sigma Bravo is a specialist provider of ICT services focused specifically on aviation operations, intelligence and targeting, mission planning and information management. Our staff are the subject matter experts in this space. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience providing specialist support to our valued clients. Our passion is our strong and valued work with Mission Planning Systems, providing operational support, training, software development, systems implementation and capability realisation. Sigma Bravo has an unparalleled reputation for working in partnership with clients, and always delivering beyond expectation.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Sigma Bravo is a specialist supplier to Defence with over 15 years experience and a wealth of knowledge in information management and mission planning systems. We have experience supporting systems on the Defence Restricted Network (DRN) and Defence Secret Network (DSN) and various Stand-alone networks. We provide onsite operational support throughout Australia. Our Head Office in Canberra provides Project Management, systems engineering, software development and high quality computer based training in support of mission planning systems for the ADF.

Unique selling points

Sigma Bravo is uniquely positioned to integrate and support mission systems within the Australian DoD. Our collective capabilities provide a turn-key solution to capability delivery in the growing ‘high technology, big data’ environment. Our workforce has worked within Defence for several years and we operated within dedicated secure facilities, integrated into Defence networks. We strive to achieve innovation, efficiency and safety; delivering practical and supported solutions. Current efforts in support of Defence shall realise multimillion dollar savings for Defence, whilst enhancing capability. We provide strategic advice on integration of complex technologies.