Headquartered in Canberra
Wanniassa, ACT


TASKey is an innovative developer of distributed management, collaboration, online and Apps software (called Worknav) that has the potential to be the next global management paradigm. TASKey also provides the training, support, and template development to embed Worknav software in organizations.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

TASKey's innovative Worknav software will be extremely valuable for Defence, because it will provide the only efficient solution for individuals and teams to consistently collaborate at the working level (action/ToDo level) to get things done together. The global collaboration platform will be used to develop and sustain processes and dynamic workflows between people across Defence and external participants. Control, productivity and accountability are increased by focusing people on where they can add most value and significantly reduce time wasted in meetings and other communications.

Unique selling points

With Worknav, most management and collaboration administration takes half the time and effort, nothing is forgotten, accuracy is increased, and stress reduced. Planning and work synchronization are automated, so meetings and communications are significantly reduced. Collaboration across Defence and with Defence Industry and academia is facilitated with security and privacy on a need-to-know basis.