Tracey Brunstrom and Hammond Pty Ltd

Tracey Brunstrom and Hammond Pty Ltd

Founded in 1965, TBH is one of the most respected project management consultancies in Australia, with a reputation for independent, objective and innovative professional services. TBH have in-house expertise to handle the diverse tasks of project management either as a complete solution, in association with other specialists, or as an integrated part of our client's team.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

TBH has acquired in-depth experience in the planning, programming and management of Defence projects and related facilities in Australia. Having successfully delivered projects for the Australian Defence Force to support Navy, Army and Air Force, TBH has the expertise and hands on knowledge to partner with the Department of Defence in the successful management of their projects, at any stage of the project life cycle. TBH holds decades of design, value and risk management experience, resulting in cost effective integrated solutions and a proven track record of integrity, performance and successfully completed defence projects.

Unique selling points

Our 50 + years of undisputed project excellence has shaped us into industry leaders today with over 8000+ projects to our credit, allowing our clients to progress with confidence. We have expertise in Project Planning and Scheduling, Integrated Project Controls, Claims and Dispute Resolution, P3M, Project Management as well as Cost Management. TBH also practices cross regional collaboration in order to service all our major industries. The large majority of our work is undertaken by our salaried staff members, a number of whom currently hold Negative Vetting 1 and Baseline clearances, without heavy reliance on sub-consultants and contractors.