Nova Systems Pty Ltd

Nova Systems Pty Ltd

Nova Systems is a 100% Australian owned and operated professional services business that has been operating since 2000 and grown to an employee workforce of around 450. Nova successfully assists government and industry partners deliver some of the most complex acquisitions and insystems projects, allowing us to export Australian know-how and innovation to the world. Nova operates in the Defence, Energy and Utilities, Communications and Transportation markets.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Nova Systems has an Australian based workforce of around 300 providing specialist services and related solutions in the Defence sector. These services are predominantly related to assisting clients to acquire and deliver complex capabilities.

These services include:

  • Capability Definition and Delivery
  • Test and Commissioning
  • Operational and Systems Safety
  • Project Development And Delivery
  • Logistics and Asset Management
  • Certification and Design Approvals
  • Specialist Engineering and Design
  • Specialist Practitioner Training
  • Cyber security capabilities

    Nova Systems Information and Cyber Security Program brings together a capability of highly qualified professionals that have acquired specialised knowledge to support organisations in achieving their Mission Assurance objectives. Nova implements cyber mission assurance through a risk management framework that is based on the Australian Department of Defence – Information Security Manual methodology. The methodology is best practice in mitigating or minimising the threat to ICT systems. However, there is no one–size–fits–all approach to Cyber security due to the varying complexity of different ICT systems. Nova adopts a risk management approach to Cyber security providing the flexibility to allow for differences in environment, business operating strategy and the businesses appetite for risk. The approach allows businesses to balance the operational and economic costs of information security measures with the need to protect the information and systems that support their organisational functions.

    Space sector capabilities

    Nova Systems acquired Auspace in 2005 from EADS Astrium. This acquisition combined with Nova’s extensive Woomera launch test and trials capability has resulted in Nova establishing a leading Australian space capability.

    Unique selling points

    Nova Systems is a wholly owned and operated Australian specialist service provider focused on partnering with our clients to successfully deliver capabilities. Nova was named as BRW’s 11th best company to work for and 30th most innovative company in 2016. Nova Systems is a reliable and sizeable company with 400 Australian based employees, 110 of who are based in the ACT. Our team of consultants and solution providers are focused on helping clients to scope and deliver complex projects on time and on budget by taking responsibility for delivering outcomes in an unassuming manner.