Shoal Group Pty Ltd

Headquartered in Adelaide

Shoal Group Pty Ltd

Shoal is a leading systems engineering services firm which works across the military, aerospace, transport, and intelligent infrastructure domains. Shoal uses systems thinking to help our clients define and deliver big projects in complex environments. We work with people from diverse industries in the early stages of understanding and planning their largest and most challenging projects. When developing solutions, we focus on understanding the whole system, its environment and the complex interactions of its elements. With our distributed team across Australia and North America, we help our clients clearly define the complex problems they are facing and design solutions they can trust.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

In collaboration with Australian Defence agencies, Shoal has developed a model-based systems engineering approach to assist in defining Defence capabilities, needs and system requirements at the Defence program and project level. Our model-based systems engineering approach is currently utilised on many of Australian Defence’s largest and most complex capability projects.

Space sector capabilities

Shoal’s capabilities include a modelling, simulation and analysis program, which leverages high-fidelity aerospace analytical techniques to understand the behaviour of launch and re-entry vehicles, aerospace test vehicles and guided weapons for our clients. Space system engineering is a significant part of Shoal’s heritage. Our team has extensive experience in space system design and development, requirements elicitation, technology trade studies and research projects. Shoal remains an active participant in the space community, and continues to provide expert guidance and engineering support for a wide range of space sector clients in Australia and abroad.

Unique selling points

Shoal is an industry leader in the capability design and analysis of large-scale complex systems, using model-based systems engineering. The team at Shoal are dedicated, passionate, high-caliber system engineers who are experts at problem-defining and problem-solving on a very large scale. We focus on the early-stage of project lifecycles, developing a deep understanding of the problem and its environment through use of modern systems thinking and rigorous engineering practices. We apply this approach to our clients’ projects, which usually involve a myriad of moving pieces that are interrelated and technically challenging.