Space Environment Research Centre (SERC)

Space Environment Research Centre (SERC)

The Space Environment Research Centre (SERC) is developing technologies which will reduce the threat to space-based infrastructure from space debris.

SERC is consolidating currently independent research efforts to achieve a critical mass of effort to form a platform for new investment, by providing:

  • a transparent framework for international research collaboration, ensuring equity for all collaborators regardless of nationality or whether a private of public entity;
  • access to state-of-the-art space research programs and infrastructure;
  • new funds for consolidating program synergies and investigating new avenues; and
  • exemplary management of research, consistent focus and strategic leadership.

The CRC for Space Environment Management, managed by SERC, has been established to build on Australian and international expertise in measurement, monitoring, analysis and management of space debris and to develop technologies to preserve the space environment.

Expertise and capability

Space sector capabilities

SERC brings together expertise and resources from leading universities, international space agencies and commercial research providers to mitigate and ultimately remove the risk of space debris collisions.