Systems Planning and Analysis Australia Pty Ltd

Systems Planning and Analysis Australia Pty Ltd

Systems Planning and Analysis Australia Pty Ltd provides timely and objective analysis and integrated technical, operational, programmatic, policy, and business solutions in support of important national security objectives. SPA Australia also has a reach-back capability to its US parent company (SPA Inc) which has 600+ subject matter experts and 100+ models and tools that enable us to perform timely and relevant analysis for our Defence clients in areas such as Operations Analysis, Modelling and Simulation, Wargaming, and Data & Decision Analytics. Our tailored designs deliver customised solutions for our clients to address any problem regardless of scale or complexity.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Systems Planning and Analysis Australia Pty Ltd provides timely, objective, and operationally relevant decision support to a diverse range of Defence domains. Core capabilities include campaign analysis, wargaming, force structure analysis, concept of operations development, resource allocation analysis, data analytics, schedule/process optimization, theatre-level logistics, capabilities-based assessments, analysis of alternatives and integrated planning. SPA also provides a range of professional services in systems engineering and integration, critical asset safety and mission assurance, program management, and the development and applications of customised models and tools to address any problem regardless of scale or complexity. See for additional details.

Cyber security capabilities

Systems Planning and Analysis Australia works with our parent company, SPA US, ( to provide Cyberspace Operations and Cyberspace Capability subject matter expertise. SPA US has developed and continues to maintain the US DoD Cyberspace Capability Strategic Roadmap and provides input to the DoD Cyber Strategy and the Cyber Posture Review. SPA personnel coordinate closely with US Cyber Command and the various military Service cyberspace stakeholders to ensure acquisition decisions are aligned with overall strategy and policy. SPA also supports the development of the longer-term Science & Technology roadmaps, including investments in Cyberspace capability development.

Space sector capabilities

Systems Planning and Analysis has expertise in a broad range of space and warfighting systems including satellite operations, Space launch operations, acquisition reform, Space situation awareness and Space C2. SPA Australia’s parent company, SPA Inc ( has personnel with 30+ years of experience supporting US Department of Defense and NASA programs including: MILSATCOM Information Systems and Integrated Portfolio Management (I&PM); Space, Strategic and Intelligence (SSI) Systems analytic support; Space-Based Infrared System (SBIR) Follow-On acquisition strategy and processes; US DoD space system acquisition oversight, especially space control systems and satellite design; and supporting space governance forums.

Unique selling points

Over the last decade SPA Australia has leveraged expertise to support some of the Australian Defence Force's most significant strategic programs. SPA Australia works with its parent company SPA US, which for almost 50 years has provided timely and objective analytic decision support at all levels of classification as a trusted agent to the US Government including US Department of Defense. Of the combined Australian and United States workforce: 59% of the employees have advanced degrees (Master's and Ph.D); 62% have former military experience; and 60% have security clearances at the highest level (TS PV/TS SCI).