Verizon Enterprises

Headquartered in United States

Level 3, 243 Northbourne Avenue, Lyneham ACT 2602

Verizon Enterprises

Verizon is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world. Every day, Verizon securely connects millions of people, companies and communities with our powerful technology. Verizon connects users to services and applications reliably, simply and securely. At a time when the need to secure agency data is more important than ever, Verizon's world-class Network and Security Services help you protect against threats to sensitive information.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Verizon is the largest provider of managed security services to the Australian Department of Defence. The 24x7, high availability capability Verizon deploys for Defence securely connects many networks to the Internet while continuously analysing the potential threat landscape. The Verizon Defence Team is working to secure access to Cloud applications and workloads, integrate and secure connectivity to other organisations.

Cyber security capabilities

Verizon has a long history providing cyber security services to public sector, Federal and Defence from our local Canberra offices and Data Centres. Verizon specialises in managed security services, secure Internet gateways, managed identity and credential services, secure communications and professional services. Verizon can manage your on-premise, gateway or Cloud cyber security requirements and apply intelligence driven security analytics to secure your organisation's assets.

Space sector capabilities

Verizon is a leader in global network services providing satellite and terrestrial communications solutions to our customers. Verizon specialises in providing access to satellite services from a range of satellite providers and connecting them via terrestrial links to Government clients globally.

Unique selling points

Acknowledged leader in provision of network and security services. Large local team of security cleared resources, only commercial organisation to receive gatekeeper certification to high assurance, service provider to over 70 public sector agencies.