Viasat Australia Pty Ltd

Viasat Australia Pty Ltd

Viasat Australia is an Australian Company wholly owned by Viasat Inc based in the US. The Australia company is growing Australian based capabilites to support and promote Viasat Communications products here in Australia. The Government and Defence business is based in Canberra and has capabilites for support of Satellite communications, Broadband Air Mobility for Aircraft, particularly Military Aircraft, Lin16 Tactical Data Link equipment and services and secure and Cyber Security products and services.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Broadband Air Mobility and Tactical Data Link and Beyond Line of Sight Battlefield Communications

Cyber security capabilities

Viasat Australia has the most advanced Cyber Security systems and hardware and is delivering a full range of Cyber Security services at the Enterprise and National level.

Space sector capabilities

Viasat in the US is the only totally vertically integrated Satellite Communications company providing worldwide communications services from space. Local Australian capabilites are developing, although currently foucssed on ground stations, user terminals and baseband waveform development.

Unique selling points

Viasat Australia has the ability to deliver locally, the best satellite communications available in the world.