Economic Opportunities

The ACT Government values the significant contribution the defence industry already makes to the Canberra region. A strong defence industry in the Canberra region has many benefits with significant positive impact to other parts of the economy and our broader community.

KPMG estimates the current total economic contribution of the defence industry to the ACT economy and surrounding region is $4.3 billion in GSP (gross state product) and contributes to 25,300 jobs in defence and other sectors.

An unprecedented investment in Defence is being made now and over the next decade. The Canberra region defence industry is strongly positioned to both support and benefit from the planned $200 billion investment. A strategic and coordinated approach to growing and sustaining the Canberra region defence industry has the potential to substantially increase direct Defence expenditure in the region.

It is estimated that for every $1 billion spent on Defence operations in the Canberra Region, GSP will grow by around $1.4 billion and the addition of around 8,000 jobs.

Defence expenditure stimulates employment across many sectors in the region including transport, retail trade, construction and professional and technical services sectors.