Supporting Industry

The ACT Government supports the Canberra region defence industry by:

Promoting our defence industry capability

The ACT Government together with the ACT Defence Industry Advisory Board are working to assist SMEs and the research institutions in advocating and showcasing their capability to national and international defence decision-makers.

Growing our defence industry capability

With our businesses, infrastructure, innovation and research strengths, Canberra is well placed to grow and sustain a thriving defence sector. In addition we have:

The ACT Government is committed to working with the local defence sector to help build a significant and globally competitive industry including:

Building Skills and talent

The scale and potential of our defence, cyber and space capability begins with our people and our ability to attract talent and knowledge.

The ACT Government is working to assist industry attract and retain the skills and talent needed to grow. Current areas of activity include Veterans’ Employment, STEM graduates as well as connecting industry to local research institutions.

Coordinating and facilitating industry engagement opportunities

The ACT Government is the contact point for the Canbera region defence industry and Department of Defence. We deliver opportunitites to promote, collaborate and build opportunities through initiatives such as industry networking events, information sessions and Team Canberra activities.

We work in partnership with our local networks to foster opportunities to network, collaborate and build local capability, including: