International Engagement

International Engagement Strategy

The ACT Government’s International Engagement Strategy recognises that Canberra is a dynamic, vibrant city where the interaction between government, science, research, arts, education and business fosters innovation and economic opportunity.

Canberra is already a globally connected city and we have significant opportunities in front of us to build on our unique advantages and grow our international profile.

The International Engagement Strategy demonstrates a clear commitment to building enduring international relationships for the economic, cultural and social benefit of the ACT.

Read the full International Engagement Strategy here:

Office of International Engagement

The Office of International Engagement, led by the Commissioner for International Engagement, was established to cultivate enduring international relationships.

The Office works to deliver on our ambition for Canberra to be known as an international city of global recognition and prestige.

The Office will serve to work across the ACT Government to deliver coordinated international engagement.