ACT Public Service Awards

Awards Applying in the ACT Public Service

The following list of awards are those that currently apply in the ACT Public Service. It should be noted that it is necessary to examine the award itself to determine its application for a particular agency, classification or employee. This list will be updated on a regular basis as the Award Simplification and Rationalisation Project continues.

  • Australian Public Service, Senior Executive Administrative and Clerical Award 1984 (AW765617);
  • Architects, Town Planners, Quantity Surveyors and Interior Designers, ACT Government Service Employment Award 1999 (AW765623);
  • Australian Government Employment Clerical Assistants, Keyboard and Others, Salaries and Specific Conditions of Employment Award 1985 (AW765625);
  • Australian Government Employment 38 Hour Week Award 1986 (AW765640); 
  • Australian Government Employment ACT Government Service (AMWU) Award 1988 (AW805153);
  •  ACT Government Service Isolated Establishment Allowance Award 1989 (AW805162);
  • AMWU (ACT Government Service) Award 1998 (AW805155);
  • ACT Government Technical and Further Education Teachers’ Salaries and Conditions Award 1999 (AW768461);
  • ACT Nurses Award 2000 (AW768760);
  • Australian Capital Territory Government School Teachers’ Award 1999 (AW768818);
  • ASU (Salaries and Conditions of Service) Australian Capital Territory Public Sector Award 1999 (AW769022);
  • APESMA (Salaries and Conditions of Service) ACT Public Sector Award 2000 (AW806836); 
  • CPSU (Salaries and Conditions of Service) ACT Public Sector Award 1998 (AW775437);
  • Entertainment and Broadcasting Industry Live Theatre and Concert Award 1998 (AW780276);
  • Employment Conditions Australian Capital Territory Public Sector Award 2000 (AW805493);
  • Firefighting Industries Employees (ACT Fire Brigade) Award 2000 (AW781966);
  • General Service Officers and Related Classifications (Australian Capital Territory Public Sector) Award 2001 (AW809074);
  • HSUA Clerical and Administrative Staff ACT Public Sector Award 2000 (AW805405);
  • HSUA (ACT Health and Community Services Public Sector) Consolidated Award 1998 (AW783490);
  • Journalists (Australian Capital Territory Government Departments and Instrumentalities) Award 1998 (AW785850);
  • Medical Officers’ (Australian Capital Territory Public Sector) Award 2000 (AW788052);
  • MEWU Artisan Grades (ACT Government Service Employment) Award 1991 (AW788094);
  • National Training Wage Award 1994 (AW790899);
  • Out of Hours Restriction – Permanent Officers and Temporary Employees Agreement 1992 (AW791894);
  • Public Sector Union (Australian Capital Territory Health Award) 1992 (AW792494);
  • Schools Assistants (ACT – Government Schools)Award 2000 (AW805941);
  • Surveyors and Engineers, ACT Government Service Award 1985 (AW796053);
  • Transport Supervisors (ACT Government Service) Award 1985 (AW799552);
  • Transport Workers Motor Drivers (ACT Government Service Salaried Staff) Award 1987 (AW799587);
  • Transport Workers (Australian Capital Territory Public Sector) Award 2000 (AW799588); and
  • Transport Workers (ACT Ambulance Officers) Award 2001 (AW806399).

Copies of these awards can be accessed on the OSIRIS site (