Welcome to the ACTPS Employment Framework Portal

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The ACT Public Sector Employment Framework Portal has been developed to provide our employees with easy access to key whole of government resources and policies to assist you in understanding the ACTPS Employment Framework.

As the Portal is developed over time it will become the One Stop Shop to help you understand both your employment rights and responsibilities in the ACTPS.


Employment conditions

Terms and Conditions of Employment

The majority of your immediate terms and conditions of employment in the ACTPS are provided in your relevant ACTPS Enterprise Agreement. For example, how much you should be paid? What leave is available to you? What flexible working arrangements are available to you?

If you do not know which particular ACTPS enterprise agreement applies to you then you should ask your manager/supervisor or contact your Corporate HR area.

You can locate your relevant ACTPS Enterprise Agreement here.



Social Media

Social Media Policy

The ACTPS Employment Framework is supported by a range of policies. One that is particularly important for you to understand in our modern connected world is the Whole of Government Social Media Policy. It is important that all employees understand that they have responsibilities as ACTPS employees that may extend outside your working hours.

You can find our Whole of Government policies including the Social Media Policy here.



Directorate and Agency Policies

Double Check your Directorate or Agency Policies

The ACTPS Employment Framework Portal provides information that applies across the whole Sector. However, it is important that you double check that your Directorate or Agency has not developed its own policy or guidance material that applies to you and your colleagues in a particular work area.

This information is available on your local intranet or you should contact your Corporate HR area.



Code of Conduct

Expectations of Behaviour

Like all modern employers, the ACTPS has expectations about the behaviour of its workforce. How you undertake your work, conduct yourself with your fellow employees or represent the ACTPS are important to us. That is why we have developed a range of supporting guidance that identifies the conduct, values and expected behaviour of all ACTPS employees. It is important that you understand your responsibilities about behaviour as breaching expectations may have serious consequences.

You can find information about expected ACTPS behaviours here.