Respect, Equity and Diversity Strategies

RED Principles

A workplace culture that is respectful, courteous, and fair and that values individual differences is a core aspect of building a positive workplace culture. Promoting equity and diversity is a key component of managing employees and by focusing on building a positive and respectful culture we will enhance the performance of all employees. An ACT Public Service workforce that reflects the ACT community demographics will also support us, as a public service, to understand and deliver quality services to our community. The benefits of valuing diversity and creating respectful and fair workplaces include increased employee engagement, heightened levels of workplace participation and innovation due to diverse thinking. In a community that demands higher quality and ever increasing services, the benefits of embracing respect, equity and diversity simply make good business sense. Valuing and capitalising on employee diversity leads to productive workplaces that will assist in the retention and attraction of employees, through enhanced morale, increased job satisfaction and productivity.

The ACTPS commitment to Respect, Equity and Diversity is reflected in the following principles:

  • Leaders value and promote Respect, Equity and Diversity;
  • Strategic and operational plans incorporate Respect, Equity and Diversity strategies;
  • Attracting and retaining a diverse ACT Public Service;
  • Improving the capability of our workforce;
  • Respect and courtesy in the workplace is practised;
  • Promoting Equity in our employment practices; and
  • Work/life balance is promoted and supported.

RED Roles and Responsibilities

Open Door Protocol

Australian Network on Disability Manager’s Guide on Disability

Reasonable Adjustment Policy