New working arrangements for employees and managers

With the increasing importance of social distancing, it is now necessary to prepare and enable ACTPS employees to work from home where possible.

Given the diverse work that we do in the ACTPS and the rapidly changing advice on COVID-19 and service delivery, business units will provide advice on circumstances relevant to individual employees in relation to home-based work.

In the case that home-based work is not suitable or possible, local arrangements and planning will be implemented with a focus on the individual’s wellbeing and safety.

For information on preventing the spread of infections in the workplace including social distancing at work and managing meetings visit the Work Health and Safety SharePoint site (only available to ACTPS employees).

Information for employees

Working from home or in a new work arrangement introduces a range of opportunities, challenges and risks. It’s important that we take care of both ourselves and the physical safety and the wellbeing of our teams and colleagues.

If you’re working from home, your workspace setup will be different to the work environment.

Here are some things to check if you’re working from home:

  • working from home checklist
  • ergonomic information while working from home
  • guidance on borrowing workplace equipment
  • looking after yourself whilst working at home.

For advice relating to temporary employment during the COVID-19 outbreak, read the advice document.

If you have any questions please send an email to the ACTPS work health, safety and wellbeing team​:

Information for managers

As a manager there are things you can do to support the health, safety and wellbeing of your team while COVID-19 is in our community. Resources are available for managers on the Work Health and Safety SharePoint site (only available to ACTPS employees) and include:

  • preparing your team for working from home
  • setting expectations and communicating with your team
  • looking after yourself and your team
  • risk assessment for managers.

Protocols for managing confirmed or suspected COVID-19 in ACTPS workplaces, visit the Work Health and Safety SharePoint site.