The ACTPS Learning Strategy

The ACTPS Learning Strategy articulates our commitment to an ongoing learning environment for the ACTPS and reinforces the commitment to innovation and change. The learning strategy will ensure our workforce is heading in the right direction to build the leadership and learning culture we want in the ACTPS.

As the framing process used in the Strategy’s development is based on strategic workforce planning tools, with a whole of government focus, the process can also be used by directorates, or business areas/units within directorates, to assist in the design of local learning and development strategies.

Learning and development in the ACTPS is targeted at three discrete levels.

These are:

  • Core (all employees) - the aim is to ensure employees are aware of Government priorities and the critical functions, services and employment expectations for the ACTPS. This is delivered through inductions, Workplace Health and Safety training, Respect Equity and Diverse training, the ACTPS Employment Portal and on-the-job opportunities.
  • Highly Recommended – is determined from the individual employee’s capability, skill set and job role requirements. Highly recommended training can be identified through a range of mechanisms including the ADAPT Strategic Workforce Planning Framework and Toolkit, the Capability Framework and the Performance Framework.
  • Leadership - leadership development is strongly linked to the Government priorities. As our future Public Service relies on the ability of our leaders to create productive and engaged workforces it is crucial for our leaders to lead by example. New approaches for learning are being implemented and developed for leaders including the Leaders Leading Learning program. Other learning activities such as executive rotations, mentoring and short-term executive contracts are positive directions for identifying talent and developing leadership capabilities and securing the future leadership of the ACTPS

The learning strategy will assist and enable directorates in achieving the following outcomes:

  • aligning learning with business priorities;
  • building an agile, responsive and innovative public service;
  • developing the desired culture across the ACTPS;
  • providing a range of learning activities;
  • allowing learning to be managed more effectively; and
  • increasing the likelihood of new skills and knowledge being used in the workplace.

By engaging with the ACTPS Learning Strategy, the Service will further develop workforce capability to deliver on the Chief Minister’s Statement of Ambition, and lead the ACTPS into the future.