ACT Quality Framework

ACT Quality Framework PDF  (664kb)

The ACT Quality Framework (the Framework) underpins the delivery of training in the ACT. The Framework has been developed to promote excellence and transparency and the quality of the vocational education and training (VET) sector in the ACT.

The Framework is comprised of contractual and compliance arrangements and incorporates a set of principles and obligations for the conduct of registered training organisations (RTOs). Combined, these components support the ACT Government’s strategic direction for a flexible and responsive training sector that delivers high quality training. The components of the ACT Quality Framework include the

Statement of Expectations

The ACT Statement of Expectations outlines the expectations for RTO conduct in the provision of training in the ACT.  The Statement recognises the contractual and compliance obligations for RTOs and identifies the specific responsibilities and ethical behaviours required. The Statement forms a schedule to the ACT Funding Agreement (ACTFA) and also applies to RTOs delivering funded training initiatives under a fee-for-service arrangement.

The Statement is structured around four key principles of professional conduct.  These principles serve as a minimum benchmark for professional behaviour and ensure public confidence in the integrity of the VET sector in the ACT.  Accordingly, the principles act as a point of reference for all ACT stakeholders including RTOs, business and industry and students.

ACT Funding Agreement

The ACTFA is the contractual arrangement between the ACT Government and approved RTOs for the delivery of government subsidised training in the ACT. The ACTFA sets out the terms and conditions under which the ACT Government may make available funds to RTOs for the delivery of training and assessment for a range of training initiatives. 

ACT Standards for the Delivery of Training

The ACT Standards for Delivery of Training (the ACT Standards) outline the mandatory standards for RTOs in the management and delivery of training in the ACT. Each ACT Government funded training initiative has a Compliance Guide.The ACT Standards apply equally to RTOs delivering ACT Government training initiatives and RTOs with an ACTFA offering Australian Apprenticeships training on a fee-for-service basis. The ACT Standards and Compliance Guides form a schedule to the ACTFA.

Audit Guide for Training Providers in the ACT

The ACT Government uses a range of audit methods to assess RTO compliance. The Audit Guide for Training Providers in the ACT (the Guide) provides information about the audit strategy for ACT Government training initiatives. The Guide provides the context, key objectives and an overview of the end-to-end audit process. It also provides information on the type of audits conducted and provides the methodology for RTO and student file sample selection.