Glossary of Terms

AATInfo: Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service

ACE: Adult Community Education

ANP: Australian Network Provider

AQF: Australian Qualifications Framework

ASBA: Australian School-based Apprenticeship

ASIC: Australian Securities and Investments Commission

ASQA: Australian Skills Quality Authority

AVETARS: the ACT Vocational Education and Training Administration Records System

AVETMISS: Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard

AVMS: ACT VET Management System

Australian Apprenticeships: Includes both traineeships and apprenticeships which provide an opportunity to combine practical work with structured learning and can lead to a nationally recognised qualification.

Australian Apprenticeships Training Delivery Agreement: RTOs that choose fee for service in which they negotiate fees directly with the employer and do not access User Choice funding are required to complete a training delivery agreement.

CASI: Competitive Allocation for Skills Initiatives

CRICOS: Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses of Overseas Students

DAAWS: Disability Australian Apprentice Wage Scheme

Directorate: ACT Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

Fee-for-Service: RTOs may choose to negotiate fees for the delivery of Australian Apprenticeships directly with the employer and not apply for User Choice funding.

Funded training initiatives: The ACT Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate provides funding and administers national funding for a variety of programs related to the vocational education and training and community education sectors.

Group training: A service whereby an organisation employs Australian Apprentices under a Training Contract and places them with host employers.

GTO: Group Training Organisation

Host employer: An organisation that hosts, under a written agreement, an Australian Apprentice employed at that time by a GTO.

ISC: Industry Skills Council

JGTP: Joint Group Training Program

JSA: Job Services Australia

LLN: Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program

NCVER: National Centre for Vocational Education Research

PPP: Productivity Places Program

PSP: Priorities Support Program

Requirements: ACT Requirements for government funded training initiatives that form a schedule to the CASI/ACTFA 

RPL: Recognition of Prior Learning

RTO: Registered training organisation

Schedule: Schedules set out the requirements applicable to specific training initiatives which funding recipients must comply with if they wish to receive funding pursuant to that funded training initiative. Schedules are published at the ACT Standards webpage.

Skills Recognition: Skills Recognition provides an opportunity for people to gain formal recognition of existing skills and work experience that can contribute to a nationally recognised qualification.

STA: State Training Authority


Training contract: National Training Contract (a legal contract for vocational training between an employer and Australian Apprentice).

TYIMS: Training and Youth Internet Management System

User Choice: Funded training initiative which funds registered training organisations for the delivery of training to Australian Apprentices.

VEERA: Vocational Education Enrolment and Reporting Application

VET: Vocational education and training

VQF: VET Quality Framework