The Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate produces a number of core documents which include:

Annual Reports | City Activation Plan | Community Communication and Information Plan (CCIP)Enterprise Agreement | Freedom of Information | Industrial Relations & Public Sector Management | Reconciliation Action Plan | Response to the Royal Commission | Reviews and Reports | 2020 ACT ElectionArchived Publications

Annual Reports

Hard copy versions of the current Annual Report [including financial statements] can be obtained by telephoning +61 2 6207 5868.

City Activation Plan

Government actions and investment in the City.

City Activation Plan - August 2016 [PDF PDF 2.01MB]

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Community Communication and Information Plan (CCIP)

CCIP is a sub plan of the ACT Emergency Plan that outlines the arrangements for communication with the public, the media, and ACT Government Directorates, during emergencies in the Australian Capital Territory in accordance with the requirements of the ACT Emergencies Act 2004.

ACT Community Communication and Information Plan (CCIP) 2022 [PDF PDF 1.2 MB]

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Enterprise Agreement

Enterprise/Collective Agreements can be found on the Jobs ACT website

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Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information (FOI)

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Industrial Relations and Public Sector Management

Industrial Relations & Public Sector Management Publications

Policy documents that supports the legislative employment framework established by agency Enterprise Agreements, the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and the Public Sector Management Standards 2006.

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Reconciliation Action Plan

CMTEDD Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan April 2020 - April 2023 [PDF PDF 2.1 MB]

CMTEDD Reconciliation Action Plan May 2017 - April 2019 [PDF PDF 5 MB]

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Response to the Royal Commission

ACT Government’s response to the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements [PDF PDF 385 MB]

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Review and Reports

Retirement Accommodation and Residential Aged Care in the ACT 2006 - 2026 Demand and Supply Study [PDF PDF 651 KB] Published July 2006.
An investigation into demand and supply of aged person's care and accommodation in the ACT.

Supplementary Submission Canberra 2020 - 'Switch to Green' [PDF PDF 36 KB] Published April 2008
A supplementary submission to Australia 2020 from Canberra 2020 and the Switch to Green conference.

Canberra 2020 Submission to Australia 2020 [PDF PDF 88 KB] Published April 2008
Submission from the Canberra 2020 Summit held on 5 April 2008 to the Australia 2020 Summit.

Canberra 2020 Summit Summary [PDF PDF 119 KB] Published April 2008
A summary document of the Canberra 2020 Summit which includes notes from 'rapporteurs'. Please note that words have not been altered by the ACT Government prior to posting - it is a direct reproduction.

The 2022 ACT Government Communication and Engagement snapshot provides an overview of the governments communication priorities. In 2022, this includes:

  • health
  • education
  • jobs and economy
  • climate
  • services
  • infrastructure

Read the full snapshot:

The ACT Government has released four reports on the impact of family violence on the ACT community and how our service system responds to this serious issue.

  1. Report of the Inquiry: Review into the system level responses to family violence in the ACT by Laurie Glanfield AM [PDF PDF 895 KB]
  2. Review of Domestic and Family Violence Deaths in the ACT by the Domestic Violence Prevention Council [PDF PDF 1.18 MB]
  3. Domestic Violence Service System Gap Analysis Project Final Report by the Community Services Directorate [icn_word DOC 170 KB]
  4. ACT Government Response to Family Violence [PDFPDF 247 KB]

Review into the System Level Responses to Family Violence in the ACT - Terms of Reference [PDF PDF 54KB]
To ensure ACT systems operate effectiveyl and efficiently and protect the safety of women and their children, Mr Laurie Glanfield AM was appointed under the Inquiries Act 1991 to conduct a review of the current legislative framework, policy, practices and operations of ACT Directorates and service providers who respond to family violence.

Canberra: A Statement of Ambition, [PDFPDF 5.43 MB]  Prepared by the ACT Government in partnership with Dr Tim William, 2016.

Transport Coordination Committee - Terms of Reference PDF PDF 558] [Word document Doc  75]

Summary of Triple Bottom Line Assessment - Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Amendment Bill 2013 [PDF PDF 60KB] [icn_word DOC 36KB]
Cabinet agreed that a Bill be prepared to amend the Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Act 2009 (the Act). Portable schemes allow workers to accumulate their general entitlement to long service leave by service within an industry rather than with a single employer. The proposed Bill would make minor amendments to the Act, clarifying the application of certain provisions, ensuring the intended policy is clearly reflected and providing for the continued effective administration of portable schemes by the ACT Long Service Leave Authority.

Government Response to the Inquiry into Compliance with Work Health and Safety Requirements in the ACT's Construction Industry [PDF PDF 204KB] [icn_word DOC 146KB] This document provides a Government Response to the Getting Home Safely: Inquiry into Compliance with Work Health and Safety Requirements in the ACT's Construction Industry Report

2020 ACT Election

Australian Capital Territory 2020 General Election Guidance on Caretaker Conventions

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