F.4 Asset Management

Assets Managed

The Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate managed physical assets with a total value of $10.1 million as at 30 June 2014.  Assets managed are shown in the table below.


Asset Appropriate Measure 
 Leasehold Improvements$0.954 million
 Plant and Equipment Assets under Finance Leases$0.197 million
 Intangible Assets$8.933 million
 Total Physical Assets$10.084 million

 During 2013-14, intangible assets added to the Directorate's asset register included:

During 2013-14 the following intangible works in progress assets were completed and transferred to Intangible Assets:

Asset Maintenance and Upgrade

No material repairs and maintenance or upgrades were undertaken by the Directorate during 2013-14.

Office Accommodation

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate had 267 staff and nine contractors occupying 4,968 m2at the following sites:

The average area occupied by each person is 18 m2.

These figures do not include two Directorate Liaison Officers based in the Legislative Assembly building, or staff on long-term leave as at 30 June 2014.