Workforce Capability and Governance

The ACT Public Service is committed to ensuring all staff have the tools and support needed to lead engaging and rewarding careers while serving the Canberra community.

Workforce Capability and Governance is responsible for ACT public sector employment legislation and conditions, as well as providing advice to Government on matters related to employment, industrial relations and human resource management.

Public sector management

A central agency policy and advisory group for ACT public sector employment, including providing support to the statutory office of the Public Sector Standards Commissioner and the ACT Remuneration Tribunal.

Public sector workplace relations

The group provides advice to Government and Directorates on whole of government workplace relations matters. The group negotiates ACTPS and Legislative Assembly staff enterprise agreements and provides secretariat support to the ACTPS and Unions Joint Council.

Public sector standards commissioner

An independent statutory authority appointed by the Chief Minister to conduct investigations into and provide advice to the Chief Minister on matters relating to the conduct of public servants.

ACT Remuneration tribunal

The independent statutory tribunal with responsibility for setting the remuneration, allowances and entitlements for various public officials in the ACT.

ACTPS employment portal

The portal includes information on the ACTPS Employment Framework, policies and procedures, tools for managers and supervisors, and other resources to support you in contributing to the ACT Public Service.

ACT Integrity Commission

The ACT Integrity Commission will be an independent body that will play an important role in ensuring the transparency and accountability of the ACT public sector and Legislative Assembly.