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Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations

Workforce Capability and Governance

The Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations Division is responsible for the management, including policy and legislation, of the ACT private sector workers’ compensation scheme and the supervision of the ACT Default Insurance Fund. The Division supports the management and prevention of workplace injuries in the ACT Public Sector by delivering return to work and injury management services for the ACT Government and the ACTPS Workers’ Compensation and Work Safety Improvement Plan.

The Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations Division provides health and safety improvement programs to ACT Government agencies and is responsible for developing legislation and policy on workplace relations matters including industrial relations, work safety, dangerous substances, public holidays and portable long service leave. Support is also provided for the Territory’s contribution to the national harmonisation of work health and safety laws, along with secretariat support to the ACT Work Safety Council.

The Workforce Capability and Governance Division is responsible for ACT public sector employment legislation and conditions, including industrial relations and human resource management. The Division is responsible for whole-of-government programs such as Graduate recruitment; Respect, Equity and Diversity Framework; and the Performance Framework.  

The Division also provides support to the statutory office of the Public Sector Standards Commissioner, the ACT Remuneration Tribunal, the ACTPS Joint Council and the People and Performance Council.

The Workforce Capability and Governance Division also leads the Government’s Healthy Weight Initiative (HWI).

Latest Update:

The ACPTS Employment Portal is a new resource for the ACTPS that brings together information about the ACTPS Employment Framework. The portal contains enterprise agreements, awards, links to Commonwealth and ACT legislation, policies and other supporting materials.

The State of the Service Report 2016 will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly in December 2016. It incorporates the Commissioner for Public Administration Annual Report 2015-16, the 2016 Agency Survey which reports on culture and behaviour within the ACT Public Sector workforce and the Workforce Profile 2016 which includes data, analysis and commentary on employment and key demographics, including part time employment, employment growth, separation rates and diversity.