Chief Minister's Talkback Summary - 10 March 2017

Calls received on air

Directorate: LDA

Issue: When will the sales  to the developers start for the City to Lake Project?

Response:Sales for the developers will not start for a  number of years.

Directorate: LDA

Issue: Resident of Spence – What is the update on the  upgrades to the Neighbourhood Oval Restoration Program, set out in 2014.

Response: Spence  is part of ACT Government’s Neighbourhood Oval Restoration Program and will  continue to look at the project. The process is also part of the district  playing fields. The ACT Government will continue to provide resources for the  Neighbourhood Oval Restoration Program.

Directorate: Access Canberra

Issue: Trouble getting a recycling Bin for Scout Group.

Response: The Chief Minister advised that a staff member  will call them about the issue.

OUTCOME: ACT NOWaste staff discussed the entitlement for domestic waste services and the  reasons why this location was excluded. ACT NOWaste provided information and  details, for example locations, of the Territories Recycling Drop Off Centres  which are accessible 24/7 and available free of charge.

Directorate: ACT Government

Issue: The caller was concerned about a statement from NCA on  demolition of the CSIRO head quarters. The caller called on an Inquiry by the  Government.

Response: The Chief Minister stated that he could not comment on any of the issues as it  sits within the National Capital Authority. The Chief Minister had not seen any  paperwork and has no power to intervene. The Chief Minister advised the called  to raise his concerns with the National Capital Authority.

Directorate: Access Canberra

Issue: Acton Park and Hamlet – vendors say they will be left without any where to go despite making a significant investment and  contributing. What will happen with the small businesses?

Response: The Hamlet is a privately owned site. There have recently  been announcements around two new pop up locations (ANU and Sydney Building).
Traders from the Hamlet and West Side will be ideal business to move to  this site.

Directorate: Access Canberra


Response: In relation to the Green  waste bin. The first pilot commences next month (April). The next phase is the  roll out to Tuggeranong. Information on the registration process is available  on the ACT Government, TCCS website. The Chief Minister advised that someone  from TCCS would contact them about the Gum Tree.

OUTCOME: TCCS contacted the called in relation to the Gum Tree and is  speaking to them about the issue.

Directorate: TCCS/EPSDD

Issue: European Wasps – cafe in Pialligo. Sitting on the  deck, the wasps made them and the other people sitting outside move. The  workers at the cafe say they cannot do anything as the wasps nest are somewhere  else.

Response: Report nests – nests on public land will be destroyed by the  ACT Government. The website will give you details of registered Wasps  controllers if it’s on private land. The details for reporting wasps nest are:  62585551 – hotline/ App store: ewasp mobile app. CM encourages people to report wasp nests.

Directorate: LDA

Issue: What is happening with realigning Parkes Way?

Response: There are a number of options and vary in costs from full  tunnelling through to bridges. National Capital Authority is involved in this  consideration and the ACT Government has to make decisions around the financial  implications of the different options – it will be part of the work of the new  part of the new City Renewal Authority. The construction of the first stage of  the board walk is well advances and should be finished in the next few months.


Directorate: TCCS

Issue: Why doesn’t the ACT Government have proper programs  for the recovery of Ozone depleting and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas refrigerants  at the end of life? Its Commonwealth law that has made it happen but there  doesn’t seem to be any procedures at ACT Waste. Michael has contacted ACT Waste  but has not received any explanation.

OUTCOME: The ACT Government requires  licensed plumbers to capture refrigerants when re-gassing or degassing fridges  and air conditioners. The Government’s Actsmart program upgrades old fridges  and air conditioners in low income households and ensures that these appliances  are properly degassed as part of the contract. White goods and scrap metal  dropped off at the Government’s Resource Management Centres at Mugga Lane and  Mitchell is managed under contract by Remondis Pty Ltd. Remondis have an  arrangement with Sims Metal Management Pty Ltd to accept and further process  this material.

ACT NOWaste is advised that  Sims degasses the fridges and air conditioners prior to the items being sent  interstate for recycling. Scrap metal yards are presently regulated under the Environmental  Protection Act 1997. All persons have a general environmental duty under  the Environment Protection Act 1997 (the Act) to minimise emissions to  the environment which includes compliance with any applicable national  laws.  

Larger scale activities are also authorised  (licensed) under the Act including activities that involve the crushing,  grinding or separation of material including metals where the facility is  designed to produce more than 10,000 tonnes of processed material per year.  The Authorisations for this activity include a condition that the  Authorisation holder shall comply with the requirements of theOzone  Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989in regard to  the recovery, storage and disposal of ozone depleting substances (ODSs) and  synthetic greenhouse gases (SGGs). As part of implementing theWaste  Management and Resource Recovery Act 2016all waste facility licences are  being reviewed and updated to ensure environmental and waste management  objectives are met. Ensuring compliance with Commonwealth law will be one issue  considered as part of the facility licence review.

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: Feral peacocks in Narrabundah. There was a Peacocks  Management Plan development.

OUTCOME: Caller  was contacted and advised of the progress of the Peafowl Management Plan. The  caller will be notified directly by an officer from TCCS when public  consultation commences. The caller was also provided with a direct contact for  further enquiries.

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: Why all rate payers  in the ACT are having/will have to pay for the green bin service. We have a  large block and recycle green waste in the yard. Larger work eg tree trimming  is far too big for a bin and that needs a different approach (small bin no  use). I don't understand the need for ask of us to pay for the service through  general rates. Can you comment?

OUTCOME: The ACT Government provides a number of services  for residents including roads, public transport, and management of public  spaces, libraries and the collection of waste and recycling. These services are  a vital part of our city, and are paid for through rates. The ACT Government’s  pilot of green waste bins will allow residents to dispose of general garden  waste more easily and will help divert some of the 5,000 tonnes of garden waste  currently going to landfill each year. This service will, over time, be  available to all residents. In the meanwhile, a $50 once-only registration fee  will help us cover the cost of delivering the bin to registered residents.  Larger waste can still bedisposed of at ACT Government resource  management centres, which are also supported by ACT rates.

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: What is the ACT Government going to  about wild life that gets caught between the large fences there is no water they can’t get out, they then get hit by cars on the Gunghalin Parkway.

OUTCOME: In general all of Tuggeranong Parkway has a fence on one side of the  road. This type of design reduces the risk of trapping kangaroos.
The statement from the kangaroo experts was that as long as there is a  barrier in the corridor animals will adapt and change their behaviour. ACT Parks and Conservation ensure there is a Ranger on call 24 hours a  day 7 days a week to deal with injured wildlife and respond to wildlife  situations as required. Any injured or trapped wildlife should be reported  through Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: Why are contractors allowed to reseal the road at the MacGregor school at 3pm yesterday - at pick up time - no vehicle access.

OUTCOME: TCCS contacted the caller and explained that contract provisions are in place to prevent work near schools at pick up and drop off times.

Directorate: EPSDD

Issue: When is the second stage of the Issac ridge mountain bike trails happening going to happen?

OUTCOME: The caller was informed there are no plans to develop a second stage to the Isaac Ridge Mountain bike trails. The recent upgrades are limited to the formalisation of the two down hill alignments and the development of the spine trail.

Directorate: EPSDD

Issue: Is city renewal and placemaking important in Woden? The draft precinct code recently released provides for 28 storey buildings on the northen perimeter of the Woden town square, that will shade the square making it uninhabitable in winter.

OUTCOME: EPSDDD spoke to the caller to discuss their concerns and what was included in the draft variation to the Territory Plan (DV344 – Woden town centre). The caller was made aware that DV344 incorporates provisions for minimising overshadowing on to the Woden town square and was encouraged to provide input into the draft variation process that is currently out for community engagement.