Chief Minister Talkback Summary - 14 September

Calls received on air

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: The caller phoned requesting a 70km/h sign be installed at the section of Kingsford Smith Drive that intersects Wirraway Crescent and Castieau Street.

Response: The Chief Minister said the roads team will have look at that intersection. Crash statistics are monitored regularly and we do update our blackspot program each year to reflect that data. The Chief Minister thanked the caller for raising the issue at this particular intersection.

OUTCOME: TCCS contacted the caller to advise the intersections of Kingsford Smith Drive with Wirraway Crescent and Castieau Street currently meet the crash criteria for consideration in the Federal Black Spot program. Roads ACT will consider these two locations as public nominations for the 2019-20 program. They will then be assessed with other competing eligible locations for approval from the ACT Black Spot Consultative Panel.

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: The caller phoned requesting speed humps be installed on Hospital Road as vehicles are frequently travelling above the 20km/h speed limit.

Response: The Chief Minister said we need to have a look at the areas in particular to see whether speed humps or some other form of traffic calming measure that might be the most effective way to address the issue. Thank you, we'll have a look at what other measures might be possible there.

OUTCOME: TCCS contacted the caller and advised that Hospital Road is a private road managed by The Canberra Hospital (ACT Health). Roads ACT has forwarded this enquiry to ACT Health for their consideration.

Directorate: ACT Health

Issue: The caller phoned to suggest a footbridge be constructed as a solution to the speeding issues on Hospital Road.

Response: The Chief Minister said It's certainly worth looking at. Although again when you think of the context of that road, you don't necessarily want to encourage faster car travel, Regardless. It's something to think about, so thank you for raising the idea. We'll get the team to have a look at different options.

OUTCOME: The caller was contacted by ACT Health and it was established that the caller was relating to speed of traffic on Yamba Drive not Hospital Road therefore this has been referred back to TCCS. ACT Health noted the callers concerns in relation to a foot bridge and advised this along with other possible mitigations would be considered as part of the overall precinct master planning.

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: The caller phoned regarding clean-up of dead kangaroos and litter on the side of the road heading from Calwell to Cooma.

Response: The Chief Minister confirmed there are teams who routinely patrol those areas to pick up litter and remove roadkill.

OUTCOME:: A TCCS Officer contacted the caller and advised that in general the ‘Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) team’ (Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development) are responsible for removing kangaroo carcasses from road sides across the city and from the Monaro highway. The TCCS Officer also advised that Place Management (Transport Canberra & City Services) is responsible for general litter collection across the city while PCS are responsible for litter picking and mowing of this rural section of the Monaro Highway.


Directorate: Access Canberra

Issue: Good Morning Chief Minister - just wondering about the latest craze that has taken off around the suburbs of dumping unwanted furniture, TVs etc. I live in Conder and there has been a lounge chair out the front of a house on Templestowe Ave for several weeks

OUTCOME: A TCCS Officer contacted the caller to explained that an illegal dumping and litter working group has been set up to investigate the issue of illegal dumping. The officer advised that TCCS are looking at extensive community engagement and public awareness programs to try to reduce the amount of illegal dumping and littering activity. The Litter Act is currently being reviewed to allow the issuing of ‘on the spot infringements’ and infringe people who we can link to dumped material.

Directorate: Access Canberra

Issue: Hi Mr Barr last night we heard noisy cars at the Canberra speedway after 6.00pm, we checked their Facebook page and found that they are holding a night speedway event September 22 from 4.00pm to 10.00pm. When was this approved?

Response: The Chief Minister said he will need to get some information on this issue.

OUTCOME: An Environment Protection officer contacted the caller to discuss concerns expressed about the Canberra Speedway event and the possibility of noise from the vehicles affecting the caller at his house.  The officer provided details on the process the Environment Protection Authority (the Authority) takes when considering a request for a variation to an environmental authorisation.  Where the Authority grants the requested variation the conditions imposed by the Authority are set to protect the amenity of the community while permitting the activity to occur. The officer advised that the event would be monitored by an independent acoustic consultant and a report provided to the Authority with details of the event and noise levels measured.

Directorate: Access Canberra

Issue: Chief Minister, can the government consider trialling a mobile speed van on Melrose Drive heading north for traffic approaching the roundabout as it becomes Adelaide Avenue? Drivers regularly try to race each other as though they were racing down Conrod. Response: The Chief Minister said he is happy to look into it.

OUTCOME:: An Access Canberra officer contacted the caller to discuss the matter and explained the assessment requirements and difficulties with those requirements in this particular case. The assessment requirements include: -

The caller was advised that Access Canberra will explore the possibility of more suitable locations for speed camera vans within the area in an effort to improve road safety. The caller then suggested that maybe some warning signage such as “Slow Down” could also be appropriate in the area. The caller was informed that Access Canberra will make some enquires in regards to the signage suggestion and was provided contact details for future follow up.

Directorate: CMTEDD

Issue: After the outstanding win by The Brave ice hockey team. Please advise updates to building a new skating rink and do you have any news re location.

OUTCOME: An officer from Sport and Recreation contacted the caller and advised that an options study for a future ice sports facility is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The ACT Government will then consider the findings in the report before determining any next steps.