Chief Minister Talkback Summary - 2 March 2018

Calls received on air

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: The caller rang regarding the paint fading on the concrete road islands at the end of bike paths in the City. The caller said that over time the paint has faded due to cars driving over it.  The caller is concerned that at night it becomes difficult to see the road islands and drivers may run into them.

Response: The Deputy Chief Minister said that we can go have a look and repaint if required.

OUTCOME: An inspection of the pavement marking will be undertaken in the coming weeks and works programmed as necessary.

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: The caller rang regarding street lights at the end of Temperley street near Curran Drive in Nicholls. The caller said she approached Access Canberra about it back in August and was told that it would take 10 days and they lights are yet to be fixed.

Response: The Deputy Chief Minister said that the issue may be more complicated than when it was first assessed and we will find out what happened there.

OUTCOME: TCCS have inspected the street light and a work request has been made to the maintenance contractor. Works are expected to take place in the coming weeks.

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: The caller rang regarding the street lights on the even numbered side of Lachlan st have been on permanently. The caller said he rang Access Canberra 3 weeks ago but the lights are still on but now the streetlights in front of his house have now been turned off.

Response: The Deputy Chief Minister said it sounds unusual and we’ll follow up and get it sorted.

OUTCOME: These lights have been left in a 24/7 “on” state while a supply connection is provided by Evo Energy. Once the supply has been completed the lights will revert back to normal operation. TCCS have submitted a work request to the maintenance contractor for the two lights outside the callers residence. Repair work is expected to be completed within the next few days.

Directorate: JACS

Issue: The caller phoned regarding speeding around Monash Primary School, particularly on Clive Steele avenue. The caller suggested that slow points would be assist with the issue.

Response: The Deputy Chief Minister said we’ll have someone come out and have a look.

OUTCOME: TCCS will conduct a site visit during peak hour and will liaise ACT Policing of the concerns being raised.


Directorate: TCCS

Issue: Issues with ACTION buses and other traffic turning into and out of Reg Saunders Way at Russell Drive.

OUTCOME: A TCCS Officer contacted the constituent who would like the ACT Government to consider a Give Way sign to be placed at the corner of Reg Saunders Way and Russell Drive so that the traffic from the Russell Offices carpark has to give way to the traffic on Russell Drive, including the buses. The caller noted that at times, this road can become very congested, especially during peak hours. Roads ACT will investigate whether a give way sign is warranted at this location.

Directorate: TCCS

Issue: I am writing regards to street lights in Nicholls near Temperley St, Sue Geh Circuit and so on doesn’t work properly. Some looks like they have sensors. They are off you get closer they turn on. It was like that in front of my house I called it was fixed.

OUTCOME: A work request has been sent to the maintenance contractor to replace the streetlight column and cabling. These works are expected to take place in the coming weeks.

Directorate: Education

Issue: Australia is one of a small number of countries that doesn't provide free healthy lunches /dinners to its school students. Is the ACT Government considering providing this to improve the health and nutrition to students.

OUTCOME: The caller was contacted and was advised about the approaches being taken by the Education Directorate to develop and implement the ACT Public Schools Food and Drink Policy and supporting initiatives. Caller was also advised about the resources available to support whole school approach to the education and promotion of healthy eating.

Directorate: CMTEDD

Issue: Who is the ACT government minister responsible for negotiations with the CSIRO about the Ginninderra Field Station development.

OUTCOME: The caller was contacted and advised that CSIRO and ACT Government officials were discussing the proposal and a holistic examination of the implications arising from the CSIRO development were being considered, including transport.  Once the CSIRO Joint venture partner is settled, more detailed discussions between the ACT and CSIRO can take place. In terms of responsibility, it’s the Federal Minister is John McVeigh MP, Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government.  For the ACT it is the Chief Minister and Minister for Planning.

Directorate: Access Canberra

Issue: In a similar vein to a previous caller, what are the rules regarding parking on nature strips? A neighbour parks on my strip partly on and off the road partly blocking my view up the street as i back out of my drive.

OUTCOME: An Access Canberra officer contacted the customer and advised that parking on nature strips is illegal. Access Canberra parking inspectors apply a risk and harm approach to consider illegal parking issues on a case by case basis, with blocked footpaths and line of site issues being considered a priority. The customer was encouraged to attempt to discuss the matter directly with their neighbours and if unable to reach a resolution to contact Access Canberra to follow up. The customer was satisfied with the advice provided.

Directorate: Access Canberra

Issue: Good morning. Can Ms Berry please see what she can do to get news on my Working With Vulnerable People renewal. I submitted paperwork before Xmas and have rung 4 times in the last 2 weeks. Left messages and heard nothing. I am a dancing teacher.

OUTCOME: Access Canberra has contacted the client and resolved the issue.