Canberrans urged to be noise aware

Released 29/11/2016

Access Canberra is urging Canberrans to be noise aware during the approaching summer months.

Noise complaints in residential areas are often caused by excessively loud music, poorly located air conditioning units or unreasonable use of power tools and other machinery.

Director for Construction, Environment and Workplace Protection in Access Canberra, Greg Jones, said that noise can cause a significant impact on anyone’s health and wellbeing but this is especially so for vulnerable people such as the elderly and the ill, as well as for parents with young children and shift workers.

“Often we are unaware of the noise coming from our home and its effect on others. A simple conversation with your neighbours can prevent problems from occurring,” Mr Jones said.

“Let your neighbours know if you are planning noisy activities such as a party or renovations.  Often people are more understanding if they know in advance when the noise will start and end.

“To help reduce air conditioning noise, locate air conditioners as far away as possible from neighbours, limit the hours of use, select a quieter air conditioner and have your equipment regularly serviced.

“It’s important to remember how noise affects our neighbours and that noise is not their choice,” Mr Jones said.

For more information about acceptable noise levels visit the Noise page on Access Canberra

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