Parking ticket surprise for up to 200 Canberrans

Released 27/12/2017

In the spirit of goodwill and to encourage safe and fair parking in the ACT in 2018, up to 200 Canberrans received a surprise in their yellow infringement envelope on Christmas Eve.

Rather than an infringement, Canberrans received a warning from Access Canberra parking officers which read:

Hi there,

You’ve overstayed on your parking today.

Our Festive Season gift to you is: this warning instead of a $114 fine.

Your New Year’s Resolution to us: parking safely and fairly in 2018.

Best Wishes from Access Canberra

The warnings only applied to motorists who had overstayed their time in paid parking areas. Motorists found undertaking dangerous parking practices, such as stopping on pedestrian crossings, in no stopping zones, or parking on footpaths or loading zones, still received infringements.

Access Canberra Acting Chief Operating Officer Craig Simmons said in previous years individual parking inspectors had taken a lenient approach to over staying parking but this year the approach had been more coordinated.

He hoped those Canberrans who received some festive season reprieve would make good on the resolution to park safely and fairly in 2018.

“Parking management occurs across our city to ensure we support safe and vibrant town and city centres for all Canberrans,” Mr Simmons said.

“While most people understand the impact of parking dangerously not all people understand that overstaying on parking can also have an impact.

“By overstaying your time, not only are you inconveniencing other motorists who may be looking for a parking spot, it also impacts businesses by reducing access for potential customers who may have sought to visit.”

Mr Simmons this will remain a focus for Access Canberra in 2018 with license plate recognition (LPR) technology, also known as electronic chalking now in place.

LPR is a vehicle mounted camera system which allows parking officers to capture and record images of parked vehicles to determine if they have overstayed the maximum time limits or if they are unlawfully and/or dangerously parked.

This technology will primarily be used to check on-road parking, rather than in outdoor car parking areas. Those areas will still be serviced by foot patrols.

- Statement ends -

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