$25,000 in fines and convictions for Work Health and Safety Act breaches

Released 19/12/2018

WorkSafe ACT has announced three convictions and fines totalling $25,000 against Lifestyle Homes (ACT) No.1 Pty Ltd by the ACT Magistrates Court following breaches of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 at its residential construction site in Coombs.

The breaches of the legislation were detected in October 2017 as part of a joint proactive inspection program by WorkSafe ACT and Safe Work NSW that focused on falls from heights and related to:

  • failure to provide appropriate fall protection on stair voids and scaffolding;
  • not providing safe electrical installations at the construction site;
  • allowing someone to undertake high risk work without an appropriate high risk licence;
  • failure to keep the workplace in a condition that allowed persons to safely enter and exit the site under normal work conditions or in an emergency;
  • not having secure barriers installed on its scaffolding to prevent objects from falling off;
  • not providing fall protection on internal stair voids to prevent persons from falling; and
  • not ensuring accurate signage on the site fencing identifying the principal contractor and their contact details.

At a recent hearing, the Magistrate found all six charges proven and recorded convictions against three of them.

Fines totalling $25,000 were imposed in relation to the three convictions.

ACT Work Safety Commissioner Greg Jones said the outcome would continue to send a clear message to industry that action will be taken by WorkSafe ACT where serious safety issues are detected.

“Such non-compliance will not be tolerated by WorkSafe ACT and strong regulatory action will be taken where appropriate and proportionate, including court action,” he said.

“It was fortunate that the breaches were detected as part of WorkSafe’s proactive inspection activity before someone was seriously hurt or killed.

WorkSafe ACT will continue to focus on falls from heights, electrical issues as well as keeping our young workers safe.

“My message to industry is to make safety a priority not only in the lead up to the end of the year but also in 2019 – as WorkSafe inspectors will be on the ground holding those employers flouting safety to account.”

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