Mechanical excavation can resume on light rail project as notice lifted

Released 22/02/2018

WorkSafe ACT has lifted the Prohibition Notice on mechanical excavation on the light rail project after being satisfied with improvements to work systems which are now being implemented on the work site.

A Prohibition Notice and an Improvement Notice were issued on Friday 16 February 2018 following an incident in which a gas line was damaged causing significant traffic disruption along Northbourne Avenue and neighbouring areas.

ACT Work Safety Commissioner Greg Jones said inspectors had worked closely with Canberra Metro this week around the development of revised procedures relating to mechanical excavation on the site.

“We are satisfied that the revised procedures have addressed our initial concerns, however we have stressed the importance of translating these procedures into better practices in the field,” Mr Jones said.

“WorkSafe ACT will continue to closely monitor works on the light rail site to ensure they are being undertaken safely and is working cooperatively with Canberra Metro to support safety on this significant transport infrastructure project.”

Since November 2017 the project has received five Prohibition Notices, four Improvement Notices and four infringements totalling $14,400.

“This project is complex and has many challenges,” Mr Jones said.

“We continue to closely monitor this project through the three dedicated light rail inspectors who are working with our broader inspector team to support safety of workers.”

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