Painters fined for pouring paint waste into stormwater

Released 22/08/2018

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has slapped a $1000 fine on painters working at a Dickson development site after they were found to have poured paint waste down a stormwater drain.

Narelle Sargent, the EPA, said the painters had not followed procedures and good work practices and had emptied a paint wash basin into a stormwater sump within the building site which was directly connected to the stormwater system.

“The paint pollution was discovered during a routine inspection of our stormwater channels,” Mrs Sargent said.

“The EPA officers observed a white substance in the water flowing down an open stormwater channel in Dickson and traced it back to the development.

“Paints are toxic to the environment and can poison fish and other animals in our creeks, lakes and rivers and make our waterways unsafe for recreational use.

“Those in the painting industry are reminded that no material or wastewater should enter the stormwater system and to:

  • check the location of stormwater drains
  • not store any materials within 10 metres of the stormwater system or in places where it may enter the stormwater system
  • ensure the only thing entering a stormwater drain is rainwater – or risk a fine.”

If you are a painter or are considering painting your own house, you can prevent pollution entering the environment by following the tips contained in the ‘Preventing Pollution from Painting’ information sheet available on the Access Canberra website or by calling the EPA on 13 22 81.

“The prevention of pollution on building sites is a key focus for the EPA and industry is on notice,” Mrs Sargent concluded.

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