Sediment control inspections of building worksites prior to Christmas

Released 10/12/2018

Officers of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will be inspecting construction sites to ensure that erosion and sediment controls are in place prior to the building industry shutdown for Christmas.

Narelle Sargent, the EPA, said with the building industry shutting down for the festive season, it is critical to have the mandatory erosion and sediment controls in place prior to the shutdown.

“As I informed industry in August this year, a key focus for the EPA is ensuring that builders have sediment controls in place at construction sites to prevent anything other than rainwater entering the stormwater system,” Mrs Sargent said.

“On the spot fines between $100 and $175 for individuals and $500 to $875 for corporations apply to those not meeting their environmental responsibilities under the Environment Protection Act 1997.

“Stormwater is not filtered before it enters our creeks, rivers and lakes so it is important to ensure sediment does not leave building sites otherwise it can negatively impact the quality of our waterways.

“Polluted waterways make our aquatic animals sick and contribute to an increase in algae growth which makes our waterways unsafe for recreational use,” Mrs Sargent said.

EPA officers will be checking greenfield and brownfield sites for:

  • a stabilised access point onto the construction site
  • a sediment fence installed along the lower side of the block
  • a waste enclosure erected to prevent waste blowing off the site
  • building material placed behind the sediment fence on the site.

For more information about preventing pollution at construction sites visit or contact the EPA on 13 22 81 or email

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