Using gas bottles this Summer? Tips to stay safe

Released 13/12/2018

Did you know that you should never lay down even an empty gas bottle when transporting it? And that gas bottles should be checked before you use them?

ACT Work Safety Commissioner Greg Jones is reminding workplaces that may use or store portable LP gas to keep themselves and their colleagues safe by practising a few simple safety tips when using LP gas bottles. These important tips are also equally applicable to all  Canberrans planning BBQs, camping, boating or caravanning this festive season.

Mr Jones said LP gas bottles are safe when connected and used correctly. They should however never be used indoors or in confined spaces or connected or disconnected near an open flame.

“Also before using your gas bottle you can quickly and easily check for gas leakages by squirting soapy water on the gas connections and hoses - if bubbles start forming, there is a leak,” he said.

“Leaks are often due to damaged or missing O rings or rubber bull nosing, or if connections are not tight. After replacing the damaged or missing rubber rings and tightening the connections it is important to turn the gas back on and test again with soapy water.

“If bubbles are still forming, do not use the gas appliance but instead contact a licensed gas fitter.”

Mr Jones said doing the right thing when transporting LP gas bottles was another important consideration. There have been several cases in the last two years where portable gas cylinders have ignited in vehicles causing an explosion - even when bottles were thought to be empty and turned off.

“It is preferable that gas bottles are transported in open air vehicles like a trailer or ute and be secured with straps or in a container in an upright position, never lying down,” he said.

“If this is not possible you can transport gas cylinders in the boot of your car – never on a passenger seat or in the foot well. It’s also important to wind your car windows down as this provides more ventilation in the vehicle.

“For safety reasons, gas bottles should not be left in an enclosed vehicle unnecessarily, especially in the hot sun, and no more than two cylinders should be transported in a vehicle at a time.

“I urge workplaces and all  Canberrans to follow these easy safety tips which will help keep them safe over the summer.”

For more safety tips as well as a video on gas bottle safety tips visit

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